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International shipping agent

Are you looking for a party that can help you with international shipping of goods? Bald Shipping is a specialist in the field of international shipping, through years of experience and the right connections. We are happy to help you ship your products.

International shipping of heavy machinery

Bald Shipping mainly focuses on transporting heavy machinery, cargo on wheels and cargo on tracks. Also called RoRo transport . Shipping heavy machinery and large machinery requires special boats and specialist personnel. With our connections we look for the right party to get your cargo from A to B.

International shipping heavy machines

Assistance with your shipments

We stand between you and the shipping companies and arrange everything around your transport. We are your partner and point of contact. So you don't have to worry about anything. We arrange your transport by sea. Bald Shipping's activities include:

Importing and exporting cargo

We import or export your cargo and take care of all the peripheral matters that come with it. Think of regulations regarding import and export and arranging customs. Our specialist staff has all the knowledge to help you with your issues.

Shipping at competitive prices

Your shipments arranged at the best prices. Bald Shipping negotiates the best prices for you. We plan your cargo smartly and use our connections so that you benefit from the best price.

Before and after shipping care

We support you with your entire transport. If desired, we go further than just transport by sea. In addition, we think along with you about the laws and regulations surrounding your transport.

International shipping

Would you like to have your shipment arranged by Bald Shipping?

We are very service oriented and professional. You can contact us for customized solutions for your international shipments. More about Bald Shipping?

  1. Service, customer-is-king mentality.
  2. Great knowledge of local markets.
  3. Tailor-made solutions.
  4. Good rates.

Where to ship to

Fill in the ports you want and request a custom form. We will contact you as soon as possible.