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Freight forwarding services

Bald Shipping Solutions is an expert in the field of transport by sea. As a freight forwarder for sea freight, we are at your service as a partner during the transport of your cargo by sea.

What is a freight forwarder?

As a sea freight forwarder, we are the intermediary between you and your transporter, We take care of all contact between the shipping companies and ensure that your transport runs as smoothly as possible.

We mediate in the price, take care of any pre- and post-transport, for example help with importing rights. We arrange contracts and insurance. Everything around the transport is taken care of so that you as our customer are assured of a good end result.

What can you expect from our sea freight service

As your freight shipping company, we are there for our customers. We have years of experience as a freight forwarder and have built up long-term relationships with shipping companies and transporters. This will benefit you.

Advantages of a freight forwarder

By using a freight forwarder, everything around your transport is well arranged. Working with Bald Shipping means that you benefit from important benefits.

  1. Connections with various transporters and shipping companies.
  2. Personal service.
  3. Total solution based on customization.
  4. Guidance and information provision around the process.

Bald Shipping has been an expert in the field of sea transport for many years. Learn more about Bald Shipping.

International freight forwarder

You can contact us for shipments all over the world, to various ports and locations.

Are you curious whether we transport to a specific port? Fill in our custom form. Then we will see together whether we can find the right solution for you.

Choose Bald Shipping as your sea freight company

Bald Shipping would like to get in touch with you to see what possibilities there are to arrange your transport.

We are specialized in RoRo transport

As a freight forwarder in sea freight, we focus on transporting RoRo transport: transport of heavy machinery and vehicles. Think of tractors, tricks and other machines on caterpillars.

We are happy to help you with your issue. Please contact us.